Nursery is always a hive of activity both in the rooms and in the office, you wouldn’t believe the amount of administration involved in nursery life!

The end of the summer term brings lots of changes. We say goodbye to children who are moving on to pre-school nursery or to reception class in school, some of the children will have been with us since they were babies so it’s both an emotional and exciting time. In July, we had a Graduation Party for all of the children leaving to go to school. This is a family event and we were so lucky that the sun was shining for us that day. Our garden was jam packed with parents, grandparents and siblings all celebrating the children’s time at nursery and making time to say fond farewells to staff.

As some children leave we begin the process of preparing for the new starters in the 2-4’s, some who may never have been to a nursery setting before. It’s a time of transition for children, parents and nursery staff. No two children will ever have the same settling in experience, parents are sometimes surprised when their very confident and sociable child is very unsettled and upset at being left in this new environment; and parents who think their shy and less confident child will have trouble settling are a bit put out that their child settles quickly and comes into nursery without a backwards glance!!

So, with all of this in mind, how can we help and support our children with transition?

  • Settling-in sessions are important for parents and children, it is an opportunity to get to know your child’s key person (someone who is about to become a very significant person in their life), and familiarise yourself with other staff and nursery routine. It is important that you can be there at the first settling in session to provide that much needed familiarity and security.
  • Share as much information as you can with your child’s key worker, knowing as much about home routine, likes and dislikes will help staff get to know your child and enable nursery to make a new starter feel at home as quickly as possible.
  • Even if you are feeling super emotional yourself, especially if your child is clingy or upset, be brave, children are experts at picking up on how we are feeling so be positive, happy and encouraging. I know, it’s hard, I’ve had one of my own children clinging to my leg not wanting to go into nursery, it’s distressing and can be difficult to know how to handle such situations, try to remain optimistic and cheerful, nursery is there to support you as well as your child; a quick telephone call to check how your child is can soon put your mind at rest.
  • Celebrate this milestone in your child’s life, share your family experiences with nursery, build a partnership with your child’s key person and staff at the setting. We are all here to support your child on their journey through nursery life, our aim at The Nest Nursery is to encourage children to be the thinkers and doers of the future, to, as our moto says, Develop their Wings to Fly.


I was reminded this weekend whilst attending a wedding that transition isn’t just something that applies to our children. Throughout life we all experience transition on many occasions, changes in our lives, personal, academic, work, sometimes successful transitions and other times we may trip and fall, we are all only human after all! Just taking a moment to reflect on how change may have affected us at one time or another could help put into perspective what a child is going through when they enter a new setting, I said above be brave for your child, try not to show if you are feeling worried or upset for them, because your little one is taking a big step and having to be very brave indeed!!

Image below, awaiting our nursery graduates and their families to celebrate their achievements and wish them luck with their next transition……..

graduation day